Entourage – Digital Marketing Sales Summit

Entourage – Digital Marketing Sales Summit

One of the loooooooongest landing page I’ve ever designed and built (on ClickFunnels too, by the way). It’s for a highly reputable business training institute in Australia, The Entourage. It is attended by business owners who have done 7 and 8 figures in their respective business, so it’s pretty exciting when I first gotten this project.

Naturally for high profile client like this, they have a strict branding guideline so that’s one part of the challenge when I was trying to implement the creativity, branding, and STILL has to ensure that it is optimized for conversion.

This is where I utilized a new design concept that I rarely used.

I call it… the “unpop to pop”.

Of course, I wouldn’t say I pioneered this design because obviously we get inspirations here and there, but the key to it is to know when and where to use it.
(and also obviously not to steal the entire design and claim it as your own.)

Take a look at the image below – what do you see that stands out from the brand colors (blue and orange gradient)? It would be the grayscale human figures!

That’s right. When the project you work on has more than 3 different colors being used and you want something to stand out, you DON’T just give it another color. All that does is just make it noisier and lose the attention. Instead, what I did here is turn them into grayscale and that makes the human figures pop out. That’s a rarely used contrast-play, and that’s what I call the “unpop to pop”.